We want everyone to receive exactly what their body needs based on how they feel and what is happening with their muscles on the specific day of their appointment. That is why all of our services are customizable and can be chosen at the time of your massage! So look around and familiarize yourself with our services, and feel free to ask for recommendations when you come in!


This service utilizes slow, smooth, and fluid strokes (also called effleurage) with mild to moderate pressure to reduce stress and gently elongate shortened muscles. This service may slightly lower blood pressure at the time of the session, as well as induce mild lethargy.

Ashiatsu (Barefoot)*

This deep, relaxing treatment is applied using the practitioner’s feet and body weight to give consistent, broad pressure in order to elongate shortened muscles and connective tissue, decrease muscular discomfort, and increase muscle and joint mobility.


Every muscle and structure in your body is enveloped and joined by an interconnected tissue network. This tissue is called fascia. This service is performed using a FasciaBlaster(TM), which is a plastic wand with claw-like attachments that apply pressure to the superficial fascia for 1-5 minutes per area. Possible benefits include: lessening cellulite, reducing pain, increased mobility, improved circulation,
accelerated muscle recovery. Results may vary.

Myofascial Release*

Myofascia is the tough membrane that wraps, connects, and supports muscles and joints, but can also restrict muscle and joint movements, which contributes to widespread muscle pain and a reduction in mobility. This service focuses on manually releasing adhesions and trigger points in the tissue to reduce pain, and improve muscle function and mobility. Fascia blasting is beneficial in conjunction with this service.

Active Release Technique (ART)*

This service treats your body’s soft tissue by combining manipulation and movement. ART entails identifying, isolating, and targeting the affected area to break up adhesions in the soft tissue by applying localized pressure to muscles and putting them into movement.

Prenatal Massage

For prenatal massages we use a body cushion system that enables clients at full term to lie comfortably face down. The system supports their shoulders, chest and hips to distribute the weight to those areas allowing stomach and baby to nestle comfortably in the adjustable cutout. Likewise, our pressure is always adjustable to our clients’s comfort and needs.

**Important** If a client’s pregnancy is deemed high risk we require a doctor’s note stating that a massage is advisable.